Deploying to Heroku*

Heroku is a well known PaaS (Platform as a Service) site with free access to deploy your Apps. It is scalable and reasonable in cost for small projects. Read Heroku's excellent documentation and tutorials. The isntructions here are for conventional Apps -not Ethereum Dapps*. You will need a github account if you don't have one. Set a IDE project folder as master with a repository on github. Then when ready, sign-up to a free Heroku account.

A typical Heroku deploy sequence from the terminal:

git remote add origin[USER_NAME]/[PROJECT_FOLDER]

npm init --yes

git add --all

git commit -am "improved something"

git push heroku master

heroku ps:scale web=1

heroku open

*It is beyond the scope of this document to explain git version control, Heroku's api extensions, procfile, Web3 , accessing and/or setting up a node server outside the IDE. Visit the slack channel if you have questions.

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