Ethereum Studio IDE documentation

Welcome to Ethereum Studio. Studio is your online Dapp Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Ethereum blockchain and decentralized web. If you are new to Ethereum smart contracts and developing applications, you've have come to the right place. If you already have an idea for a smart contract and you want to develop a web front end to launch: then you are in the right place read on. And remember to join the slack team for additional help.

What you need: Sign on to Once you log in,

Start and within moment your IDE screen appears with a terminal to your own remote Ubuntu Linux 14.04 workspace. You can already familiarize yourself with the interface. The Ethereum Studio IDE is based on the open source cloud9 online IDE. Color is glaring white when starting. Not to worry, you can adjust your colors by selecting the cloud9 menu -preferences-themes.

The feature set of the IDE includes all the cloud9 IDE features with extra modules to work with the Ethereum blockchain.

Built-in terminal, with npm and basic Unix commands

Code completion for snippets and identifiers

Real-time language analysis for JavaScript

Variable/function name refactoring for JavaScript

Parenthesis, bracket, and quote character matching

Line numbers, warnings, and errors in the gutter


Tabbed file management


Customizable key-bindings, including presets for [Vim](, Emacs, and [Sublime]( Text

Built in Image Editor

Code reformatting via JSBeautify and CSSLint

Ability to drag-and-drop files into your project

Support for the code repositories:
    Mercurial repositories
    Git repositories
    FTP servers

Support for deployment to:
    Windows Azure
    Google App Engine

Syntax highlighting

Features specific to Ethereum Studio include:
Sandbox: a private blockchain you can use to test and debug your contracts
Built in web3.js node module and much more...

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