Debugging and scenarios

A new feature in Studio IDE is Solidity debugging , and running different Scenarios for fast efficient testing and debugging.

*Ethereum Studio IDE with Classic color scheme. (if you like it, you can use Cloud9/preferences in menu to change your theme)

[1a], [1b], [2]: The debugger tab and setting breakpoints

Watch Expressions:

not yet implemented.. check back often

Call stacks:

See your selected local variable breakpoint state.

Local variables:

In the solidity code right click the variables you want to monitor and watch it in the debugging Breakpoint tab [1b]


Set break points in your solidity code by clicking to the left of the line numbers in your Solidity code text editor.

Step through your code [2], line by line, and observe state changes, local variable assignments and more.

[3a], [3b], [4] and [5]: Check your transactions and run different scenarios

When you run your solidity code and transactions, the IDE keeps a log which you view by clicking the transactions link [3a] at the top right of your screen.

The Ethereum Sandbox Transactions pop up window shows youa log of the recent transcations. You can select which ones you want to add to a scenario for re-testing by clicking the checkbox left of each transaction then click new scenario [4].

Now when you select the Scenarios menu item [3b], the Scenarios pop up shows your scenario on the list ready to run again for debugging and testing.

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